• Why do I need my credit card for the 1-month trial?

The 1-month trial costs a nominal price of 1,- Euro. This is to prevent fraudulent behaviour with the 1-month trial price. The 1-month trial will automatically roll-into a regular 1-month subscription (for the current price of 29,- Euro per month) if you do not cancel your subscription prior to the expiration of the 1-month trial. Please check your Paypal-Account.


  • When does my subscription renew itself?

Each subscription is set for auto-renewal. This means at the end of your selected billing period (e.g. 1 month), the subscription will extend for the same period (e.g. 1 month). Your credit card will be billed automatically.


  • I want to cancel my subscription, what is the relevant notice period?

For subsriptions made via Paypal, it is sufficient to cancel the renewal on the Paypal-account prior to the end of the on-going subscription period.

Termination of subscriptions that are not made via an automated payment gateway (such as per written contract or manual bank transfer) must be declared at least 21 days before the end of the relevant subscription period. Such declaration of termination must be in writing (e.g. letter, fax, E-mail) and must be sent to:

Stefan Langer,

Prof.-Kurz-Str. 12,

86199 Augsburg


or by e-mail to: info@prime-view-insight.com.

To ensure the notice period, the timely dispatch of the notice is sufficient.


  • I want to upgrade my account during an existing subscription period. Can I do this?

If you want to upgrade your monthly subscription (of the Global Investment Newsletter) into an annual subscription, you need to cancel your monthly subscription and buy the annual subscription. Note: As there is no refund for the ongoing monthly subscription, you can buy the annual subscription towards the end of your monthly period.

If you have bought the most recent issue of “ETF Portfolio” and wish to upgrade into the annual subscription for the “Perspectives”, you can subscribe for the “Perspectives” for annual subscription immediately and we will set your account (subscription) start date starting from the next release of “the Perspectives” for 1 year.


  • Can I downgrade my subscription?

This is not possible during an existing subscription period. You will need to cancel your existing subscription and then enter the lower-grade subscription when the other one has expired.


  • What is the refund policy?

Subscriptions cannot be refunded. Any refunds for cancelled or terminated subscriptions, will be made in our sole discretion.

The withdrawal period for our online subscriptions is 14 days. The revocation requires the text form (for example, letter, fax, E-mail). To meet the deadline, the timely dispatch of the notice is sufficient.

In case of a valid cancellation, PVI will only reimburse already paid subscription payments on a pro rata basis. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions


If there are any futher issues please contact us at: info@prime-view-insight.com.