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Prime View Insight (PVI) offers you short- medium- and long-term views and forecasts for the most important global financial markets. We cover most global asset classes like stock indices, bonds, real estate, precious metals, commodities and foreign currencies and single stocks listed on global stock exchanges.

We address a broad investing public, including investors and active traders looking for above average returns and investors and savers intending to build and preserve capital and generate safe income.



Our editions include:

PVI – The Global Investment Newsletter

It is focused on short- and medium-term trading ideas and stock picks. The publication appears every 14 days and covers about 2-6 pages.

PVI – ETF Portfolio

The publication is aimed at conservative investors and savers intending to build capital over time by using cost effective ETFs to easily construct diversified portfolios. We will focus on  medium and long-term trends of the most important (diversified) asset classes and will also cover safe income generating assets. We will show 3 model portfolios (conservative, growth and income) which suite most investor types and which can be easily replicated. “ETF Portfolio” appears semi-annually (covering 15-20 pages) with quarterly updates.


The Editor

The editor of PVI, Mr. Stefan Langer (lic. Oec. HSG, St. Gallen, Schweiz), possesses more than 15 years of experience trading in global financial markets. The views and forecasts are based on knowledge of the methods and models of Warren Buffett, George Soros, Dr. Jens Erhardt (FMM-Method) and Macro-economic approaches such as the Austrian School.

Importantly, the forecasts and views are based on an intensive knowledge of the market participants psychology and behavior and a feeling for the “markets mood”.

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Prime View Insight
PVI - the Global Investment Newsletter 1-Month Trial
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[1] Only financial instruments can be included in which the necessary knowledge can be acquired and price drivers can be examined and which have sufficient trading liquidity. It should also be noted that this does not constitute investment advice, as it is explicitly not addressed to the personal specific situation of the subscriber. Each subscriber may ask his investment adviser prior to his buy and sell decisions. The recommendations in our financial market newsletter merely represent an opinion of the author regarding the future development of the discussed financial instruments. The voting rankings serve only to explore the interests of the readership in order to make the stock market letter interesting.

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